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AKC Registered Dark Sable Short-haired German Shepherds with West German and Czech Ancestry Bloodlines

Sycamore Springs Kennel

Sycamore Springs Kennel specializes in dark sable short-haired AKC Registered German Shepherds with West German and Czech Ancestry Bloodlines.

Puppies Available to buyers starting December 3, 2022

German Shepherd Max & Dixie

About the Breeder

We are a small family owned and operated kennel located in a rural area of southern Indiana 9 miles west of Bedford, Indiana. Both sire and dam of this litter are AKC registered and in excellent health and physical condition. Puppies from this litter are also eligible to be registered with AKC. Sire and dam are short haired, dark sable in color and are of German and Czech ancestry/bloodline. On average our males will get to be 75-80 lbs and females 70-75 lbs. Sire and dam both have had their joints/hips checked by a vet. Puppies have updated shots and deworming.

Our bloodlines are rich in history and many generations of the finest dogs have been breeding true for years. At our kennel, we strive to provide the healthiest and happiest conditions for our pups. We ensure that our puppies are born into clean, safe, and healthy living conditions so that each one can reach their full potential and be perfect companions for their forever homes.

More photos available on our kennel Facebook page: Sycamore Spring Kennel.